“Black Men and Suicide: The Stigma of Seeking Help”

Like the interview subject of this article, I’ll admit I was surpised that the young male victim of a recent Web-broadcasted suicide was black.  That aside, sadness all around.

2 Responses to ““Black Men and Suicide: The Stigma of Seeking Help””

  1. Christina Springer Says:

    Wow! I had no idea he was Black either! I was really sad when I heard about this. But, the voyeurism combined with his ethnicity has a really creepy feel to it.

  2. blkirish Says:

    WOW … I’m surprisingly shocked by this article. The age, sex, ethnicity and voyeuristic characteristics is very surreal to me. A selfish part of me feels ashamed that a member of “my” fraternity would do such a thing.


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