I ran 3 miles…today

Not all at once, though. The first mile, I ran in 11:02. The second, 10:35. The third, 10:29. In between, I stretched, got water, and then got right back on the treadmill.

Don is a beast. If you don’t know who Don is, or what my original mile time was, catch up here.
By the way, Don thinks that the pseudonym “Don” isn’t Latino enough.

Him: “Why Don?”

Me: ‘Three letters. Just like [his real name].”

Him: “Very white. What about Raoul?”

Me: “Stereotype much???”

Him: “Better than Don!”

So, Don is now officially Raoul in this blog.

I prefer to call him “Taskmaster.” He also had me do 10 minutes on the Stairmaster after the 3 miles.

As I ran, and stairclimbed, one song lyric kept running through my mind, even though I wasn’t in pain. Yet.

“I hurt myself…today.”

Check out Mr. Cash in his last video, covering Nine Inch Nails’s “Hurt”:

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  1. blkirish Says:

    Funny … as I read your posting a different artist and lyrics ran through my mind … David Banner/Run Girl!

    you keep up the good work and I will try to keep up.

  2. deesha Says:


    You are not right. And you know it! ;-)

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